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Employers’ Confederation of Thai Trade and Industry (ECONTHAI) has been established
under the Labour Relations Act 1975 and registered with the Department of Labour Protection and Welfare on April 28, 1994. It held its first general meeting on August 6, 1994 to elect the first Board of Members to administer the affairs of ECONTHAI and to undertake various activities aimed at achieving the objectives of the organization.

The primary objectives of ECONTHAI are to foster and promote good relationship between employers and employees, by providing a mechanism for employers and entrepreneurs in commerce and industry to participate in and support activities related to labour relations as widely as possible to the extent that ECONTHAI is recognized by both the public and private sector as leading employers’ organization.

1. To advocate and promote studies and education in good labour relations in conformity with the provisions in the Labour Relations Act.
2. To recommend measures and to counsel members regarding conditions of employment as well as employment practices with a view to promoting good labour relations.
3. To give advice, counsels and suggestions to members in labour disputes, and to recommend measures to resolve disputes in conformity with the laws and internationally accepted principles.
4. To promote good understanding and relationship among employers, among employers’ organizationsr  and employees’ organizations and among employers’ organizations both domestically and internationally.
5. To promote researches, surveys and analyses of management and labour relations, and to disseminate information and data obtained therefrom among members with a view to encourage education and good labour relations.
6. To organize and implement educational projects, training programs and seminars with the objective of promoting efficiency of management and working capability of members as well as entrepreneurs in general.
7. To screen and select employers’ candidates representing ECONTHAI as participants or advisors in meetings or joint undertakings with other organizations, be it public, private or international bodies, such as the International Labour Organization.
8. To collect and compile data, statistics, trends and developments concerning business management and labour relations.
9. To prepare data, information, recommendations and employers’ positions and stands at various seminars and conferences at both domestic and international levels.
10. To seek, and to give, cooperation, assistance and support to government as well as other agencies working for the common goal in promoting education and good labour relations.
11. To render support and assistance to efforts or programs to set up labour institutes, foundations, or any other organizations of similar nature which will be beneficial to employers’organizations and the society as a whole.

1. Promotion of Education and Technical Knowledge
     1.1 Arrange technical seminars, in the form of short courses, covering major topics, such as general administration, personnel administration, production management, marketing management, financial management, labour laws, and other related regulations and practices.
     1.2 Organize training programs, in the form of full and comprehensive courses, aimed at providing members or trainees with a broad-range and in-depth knowledge of the various subjects offered, to enable them to apply such knowledge in actual practice.
     1.3 Arrange training programs in workplaces, with each training program designed to meet  the needs of the enterprise concerned.
     1.4 To organize special programs for members in order to give them opportunities to meet, get to know one another, and to exchange views, opinions and experiences related to labour relations or other issues.
     1.5 Organize orientation programs for foreign executives who just arrived in Thailand to enable them to understand Thai culture, customs and practices, and basic knowledge of Thai labour laws in order to avoid mistakes that could lead to conflicts and disputes.
     1.6 To hold meetings on technical matters related to labour relations and other issues while providing venue for members to consider and discuss problems of common concern, and to seek appropriate measures to solve such problems.

2. Promotion of Good Labour Relations
2.1 ECONTHAI provides services to assist, advise and counsel members in promoting good labour relations practices aimed at fostering peace in workplace and fair treatment of each other. Such services include :
                   2.1.1 Provide lawyers for cases in Labour Court.
                   2.1.2 Act as representative or advisor in Labour Relations Commission proceedings.
                   2.1.3 Act as advisor in bargaining negotiations with employees.
                   2.1.4 Give advice and recommendations regarding labour problems and labour laws.
                   2.1.5 Act as advisor or representative in matter concerning the operation
                             of the Ministry of Labour.
                   2.1.6 Help draft official documents related to personnel administration,
                             labour relations and labour laws.
       2.2 Promote good labour relations at the work-place level, and seek to protect rights and interest of employers regarding employment conditions, and to promote good relationship between employers and employees by encouraging the establishment of organizations, by taking the following steps :
                   2.2.1 Encourage employers to set up employers’ associations or to become members of employers’ associations or members of ECONTHAI in order to be able to contact, bargain or make agreement with employees’ organizations on equal footing.
                   2.2.2 Act as secretariat for employers’ associations which are members of ECONTHAI to provide them with facilities and convenience in administering their affairs in conformity with the law.
      2.3 To promote good labour relations at the National level, ECONTHAI acts as a core organization on behalf of employers in promoting good labour relations, by taking the following steps :
                   2.3.1 Nominate employers’ candidates to various tripartite committees, such as :
                                  (1) Advisor Council on Labour Development
                                  (2) Wage Committee
                                  (3) Labour Relations Commission
                                  (4) Committee for Promotion of Labour Relations
                                  (5) Social Security Council
                                  (6) Board of Appeals for Compensation Fund
                                  (7) Associate Judges of Labour Court
                                  (8) Committee for Solution of Employment Termination Problems
                                  (9) Labour Arbitrators
                                  (10) Other committees and sub-committees
      2.4 Participate in meetings and seminars, tripartite or otherwise organized by government or other agencies
      2.5 Participate in activities beneficial to members
      2.6 Promote labour relations at the international level, either regionally orgionally or globally, by nominating representatives to attending various meetings of such organizations as International Labour Organization or other United Nations’ Specialized Agencies.
      2.7 In order to achieve the above objectives, ECONTHAI will take measures in connection with data, information and researches, throughthe following major activites :
                   2.7.1 Circulating letters to members
                   2.7.2 Bulletin
                   2.7.3 Preparation of Technical Papers
                   2.7.4 Preparation of Document and Report of Researches: and
                   2.7.5 Other related activities

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